I moved across the world when I was 19 years old, but little did I know that this move would change the entire course of my life forever.

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to help people but I only knew exactly what I wanted to do when I saw a motivational speaker for the first time. I couldn't believe how much power to motivate others one human alone held. 

The more I engaged with the world of personal development, the more I wanted to open the eyes of the 'living day-by-day' human to what really is possible. 


Because once, I was like that too. I used to be in the victim role a lot, constantly wondering how life could be so unfair to me. I would complain about the nitty & gritty in life and never accept when I was wrong.


Until everything changed. I started to realise that I had so much more potential within me than I could’ve ever hoped for. I accepted that focusing on my outer appearance and achievements that were great according to society was not going to get me very far in life.


Through endless books, videos, courses, a degree, and diplomas I studied the best strategies on how to live a life that is better than ‘okay’. I wanted to live a life that was filled with endless joy and passion so that each morning I would wake up and burst with positive energy.


And that’s exactly what I have achieved. In the past 3 years, I have built the life of my dreams, with a job that I love, a very loving relationship, and beautiful friendships.


But most importantly, I have realised that true happiness comes from the bottom of our hearts. Your circumstances may be terrible but it is you, that decides what to do with it. I started to see that everything I thought life had done me wrong, were really my superpowers.


I started to flourish and I want to help you to do the same. Because I know that each and every single one of us has the potential. I cannot wait to start this journey to your dream life. 


With love,

Clara x



PureVivid's mission is to empower you to live the extraordinary life that you deserve through healing your past, falling in love with the present, and setting achievable goals for the future. We are here to make you excited about each day ahead by getting rid of toxic & applying effective habits that will guarantee your success long-term.