5 Reasons Why You Should Love Failure

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

It's funny.. as I start writing this article, I realise how much I needed to hear this too. My TikTok hasn't been performing well recently and even though I also know that this happens sometimes, I start feeling bad about it. I see it as a failure of myself, rather than a good thing that will make me grow.

So this is a reminder for all of us. A reminder that failures are actually something amazing, that will make us appreciate the wins even more. A reminder that just because you encounter a failure in life, it doesn't mean you are one. And a reminder that we need failure every now and then in order to stay humble and grateful.

Reason #1

Failure isn't actually a bad thing. I believe that school played a big role for all of us, in thinking that failing is something negative. When you fail a subject or assignment for example, you feel as if that means you're not as smart as other people. The pressure coming from parents and teachers after a bad performance can make us believe that it's a terrible thing to make mistakes.

But the truth is that failing isn't something terrible in the first place. That negative stigma, that has been created around it, is an illusion. All you have to do for now is to replace the meaning that you have put onto the words 'failure' and 'failing' and realise that...

Reason #2

Failure will make you grow. When we are failing at something it can be hard to see the big picture in that moment. Our emotions take over and try to convince us that we are not as worthy because of what happened. But if we took a second to see what this failure actually means, we would know that it will only makes us stronger. Yes, this time may have not worked out but that doesn't mean the next time it won't either. The more new ways we try to achieve our goal the more we will grow in whichever area of life we are dealing with. And not only that but...

Reason #3

When you fail, you become grateful for the wins. Imagine how much less you appreciated the moments in which you are successful, if you had never lost before. If everything that we did in life, worked out perfectly the first time around, we would never realise what a blessing it is to achieve a goal. Do you remember a time in which you had tried something so many times, without it ever working and then finally the day came that you did it? How it is literally one of the best feelings in the world? And let's not forget that...

Reason #4

Failure makes life much more exciting and interesting. I don't know about you but I personally think that without any failure in my life, the past 25 years would have been extremely boring. Yes, smooth sailing is nice at times, but always? If everything, we wished for in this moment would happen tomorrow without any hard work and effort, so many of us would get bored after a few weeks. There are many beautiful parts about life, so let's make failure one of them. And lastly, may we not forget that...


Failure is needed to learn. If I look back on my life, some of the most important lessons that I have learned in life, came out of something in my life or myself failing. Instead of blaming yourself for being a failure, ask yourself what lesson is this trying to teach you? Ask yourself, what you can do better next time around? Nothing ever happens in life without a reason, therefore every time you fail is really only to get you closer to where you want to be.