Did You Know How Damaging Going On Your Phone After Waking Up & Before Going To Sleep Really Is?

On a poll I recently did on my Instagram, asking people whether the first thing they do in the morning is to do on their phone and 78% responded with yes. While this reply didn't surprise me, it did make me think about how to motivate people to stop doing so. And I hope that this article will do exactly that.

Despite the fact that most of us know how bad this is for our mental health, we still do it. It's become addicting to scroll through the home page and click through stories. After all, what else are we supposed to do and is it really that bad for us?

I feel that scrolling on our phones, checking emails & news or even turning on the TV first thing in the morning and last thing before bed has become so normalised by our society without realising how damaging this can be for our mind. When telling someone my morning routine, they often react super impressed and fascinated by it as if it was something special not to scroll.

But.. what is actually so bad about it?

When we awake in the morning our brain is changing from delta waves ( deep sleep ) to theta waves ( day-dreaming ). After that, our alpha brain waves are activated, which is that state where we are slowly becoming more aware but still can’t take in a lot of information.

Now, if the first thing you do in the morning is checking your phone, the theta & alpha waves are being skipped and you automatically enter the high alert stage ( beta waves ).

By doing so, your brain is priming itself for distraction and when seeing anything that causes negative feelings within you, the stress response for the best of the day is triggered.

Additionally, we start comparing ourselves to whichever lives we see online, sometimes without even noticing. That one influencer or celebrity might be on a holiday and you’re thinking god I wish I was there too. That model, that you always felt was so much prettier than you pops up on your home page and boom…Your confidence for the day is gone.

You have now not only set yourself up for a stressful day with a much shorter reaction span but you are also likely to not feel good in the life and body that you’re in.

But what happens at night?

There is a meditation by Wayne Dyer that I have been listening to about 1000 times. Type in '5 mins before sleep' and it will pop up on YouTube. In the beginning he says something that has stuck with the since the first time I have heard it. He describes how what we do just before we go to bed is so crucial for how we are feeling the next day, because we are 'marinating' in our thoughts. If we spend the last 30 mins before going to bed, scrolling on social media, looking at other people's lives, there is an incredibly high chance that we won't feel good about ourselves the next day.

But imagine if you, instead took those 30 mins to write down your dreams, goals and wishes. Imagine you did a meditation on self-love and the last words you hear before sleeping are positive affirmations. It is going to make a massive difference for your unconscious mind to 'marinate' in those words instead.

And that is why, it’s so important to start & your day with something else than your phone.

Here are some other options that you can do instead:



Going for a walk

Putting on some relaxing music/frequencies on while getting ready for the day/bed



Talking to a loved one

I hope that this post has inspired you to change your morning & bed routine. You are the most important person in your life, so take care of yourself the way you deserve it.

Lots of love,