Here Is What You See In The World, When You Really Open Your Eyes

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

My dad always tells me this German saying when we speak on the phone.

“They have eyes, but they don’t see and they have ears but they are not listening.”

(“Sie haben Augen aber sehen nicht, und Ohren aber hören nicht.”

I feel like it sounds a little better in German, as it is a very poetic language but I think the meaning is still clear. There are millions if not billions of people who walk past so much beauty every single day but fail to acknowledge it.

Part of it, would be our constant focus on our phones but I believe that even back in the days where phones weren't as prevalent, there would’ve been many people who were so busy in their minds that they failed to recognise what’s around them.

When I leave my house, the first thing I think of is how amazingly fresh the air is. Especially in autumn, winter and spring it’s so crisp and fresh, year after year I’m blown away by it. Then I see the sky, coloured by this beautiful blue and if there are clouds even better. I find that clouds are so pretty and sometimes when you look up, it looks almost like a picture. When I walk along the sidewalk and see flowers it’s hard for me not to stop by each one ( and take photos to the amusement of my boyfriend ) because they are just so stunning.

The list goes on but then I think about how many people would just walk past the exact same things. They don’t think about the air, the sky or the clouds because they are too busy worrying about things that have happened yesterday or things that will happen tomorrow. They are so focused on everything else but the moment they are in right now. Is it a character thing? Absolutely not.

I was always fascinated, but the little things in life such as bubbles, rainbows or glitter however my deep appreciation for nature has come over the past few years. I remember watching my first video of Tony Robbins ( an incredible motivational speaker ) and I was amazed by how much we could change our life by simply changing the way we are looking at things.

And so I started.. I started to appreciate, I started to feel grateful, I started to open my eyes and listen more to everything that was already there but had passed my conscious mind previously. It’s crazy to think that there are so many people in one certain city but each and every single one of them sees the exact same surroundings in a different way.

Ask yourself whether you have been conscious of all the beauty around you. It often doesn’t matter where you are, but it matters what you see. Start paying attention to your surroundings when you’re walking. See if you can notice things that you normally wouldn’t and appreciate them for making the world a prettier place.

I promise you that this way of living will make you so much happier.