Is Your Relationship PASSIONATE or TOXIC?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself whether your relationship low-key may have become or always have been toxic? And how are we are even able to recognise a passionate relationship from a toxic one?

In this article & YouTube video, I'm discussing exactly these questions because I have had my fair share of extremely toxic relationships and I did have my moments where I imagined them to be simply full of 'energetic love' with two people who may go a little over the top sometimes.

It's those excuses that we make to ourselves, right? It's not really that bad because XYZ.

But the truth is that it is pretty bad and it can become so harmful for both parties involves.

Ask yourself these questions:


Do you adore your partner or are they on a pedestal?


Is your partner just really protective or are they controlling you?


Are you arguing non-stop or at times to improve the relationship?


Is this an on/off relationship or are you stable?


Are you your own person or do you need them to live?

All of these questions are discussed in detail in the YouTube video attached. If you have already come this far to read this article, I want to leave you with these words:

No matter how much you believe that they are your one person, if there are so many red flags and reasons for you to look up what you know deep down isn't healthy: It's time to leave.

(Easier said than done... I know)

But there will be a person out there who won't make you feel this way. Even though it's so hard to imagine right now. I used to cling to these relationships so much because I believed that those reg flags were okay because of the other positive attributes of the relationship but a few great things don't make the toxic go away.

I hope that this video & article will help you throw more clarity on your current situation & whatever your decision is: You got this!

Lots of Love,