Patience Is A Virtue - Are You Patient?

Recently my MacBook has been extremely slow, with the little rainbow loading sign coming up about every click that I make. I was about to sent an email to my friend, telling her that it just takes a little longer because of my laptop and how annoying it was. And this is what she replied: "Don’t worry Clara it will teach you patience."

And boy, was that true! I did not think of it like that in any way but I’m very lucky to have amazing people in my life who always inspire and motivate me. Now every time that I see the little loading sign, I take a deep breath, appreciate life and think of my friend.

But here’s the thing, what if we don’t have that someone in our life to remind us that patience is precious? I feel that with today’s speed of technology, so many of us have become incredibly impatient.

Google did a research on how long people will wait for a website to load before clicking out of it. Can you guess? Over 50% said no longer than 3 seconds.. Have a go, count 3 seconds right now. It’s not a very long time.

With so many things being solved for us instantly, we start to have the same expectations on life. If that dream of ours doesn’t happen overnight, we quit. Not always because it’s too hard but simply because it takes too long.

Social media certainly doesn’t help with this narrative. There are a lot of people who show their successes left, right, and centre but they forget to talk about their struggles. They don’t show the long way that it took to get there, all the tears and the failures. So what do we do? We assume they achieved this without any problems overnight. More and more ‘get rich, happy and famous quick’ schemes are popping up all over our ads and it's becoming so dangerous for our mental health.

The problem with that thinking is that our life’s don’t work like technology or an oversight success. We are not created to achieve something extraordinary in two days because it’s impossible. As cliche as it sounds but the saying ‘Good Things Take Time’ is true.

There is one last thing that I want you to remember forever and always: yes there may be someone who achieved in one year what you have been trying to achieve in two years but we’re not running a race against each other. We all have our own time lines and if we all had the same, life would be so boring.

Let me give you an example of this which I’m struggling with at the moment. I’ve had my TikTok account for about two years, with being very active just under one. Now I have 175,000 followers which is so so many people. But then I look at others who have their account since one year and I’m thinking I’m not fast enough. I start to be impatient and therefore feel like a failure. Of course, I remind myself daily that this isn't true, but if hadn't emerged myself into personal development over the past few years, I would let it get to me a lot more.

Please if you leave here with piece of advice today: patience is one of the most powerful skills you can learn. If you wait in line somewhere but you gotta run, take a deep breathe. A few minutes won't matter after all. If you are stuck in traffic, but a podcast on and relax. It will keep rolling eventually. If your internet doesn't have the best connection, put your phone / laptop aside and spend a few mins in gratitude for simply being alive. Believe me, these tasks will work wonders.